Carry On, Cleo

In searching for films that dealt with pre-Roman Britain, I came across a mention of the “Carry On…” films, a series of saucy comedy movies from the 60’s and 70’s.

Not having grown up in England, I missed out on seeing these films growing up, as apparently they’re bank holiday television staples. But I can appreciate a bit of silly innuendo and campy facial expressions with the best of them.

The description stated that Carry On, Cleo had a funny portrayal of cavemen, so I got a copy.

So far, so good…

Wait, are those Romans?…and is that sword made of rubber?

Alas, it turns out the film is set a bit too late to count as part of the pre-civilization part of our Anglofilmia tour. (You’d think the “Cleopatra” part would have given that way, huh?) At least it was good fun watching!



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