A New Series for the Timeline: The White Queen

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I was pleased to learn today that BBC1 have started airing The White Queen, a new series based on a Philippa Gregory novel about the War of the Roses with a particular focus on the women in the story.

Watch this lovely teaser trailer for the show below the jump.

The White Queen BBC one commercial – Directors cut from Jamie Childs on Vimeo.

We’re just now stepping into the Middle Ages with Becket and The Lion in Winter, but it shouldn’t be long before we can join the White Queen in 1464.


Reviews so far are mixed, with many noting the complaints about historical inaccuracies in the costuming and grooming.

My favorite comment on the latter article:

It was not so much the zips (though in one scene Elizabeth zipped herself back up out of the range of the camera) as the fact that the costumes were totally not right. They had been assembled using sewing machines. King Edward’s jacket was structured just like a modern suit, principally in the way the sleeves were fitted over and under the shoulder. Footwear did not match the supposed period. The lack of codpieces was glaring.


“The lack of codpieces was glaring.” It would be so nice to have more excuses to drop that phrase into a conversation, don’t you think?

Anyway, it seems that, like The Tudors, The White Queen is a show that requires some effort on the viewer’s part to educate themselves on the true history of the events portrayed, while using somewhat more modern elements (clothing styles, turns of phrase, and so on) to make the characters more relatable to contemporary viewers.

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The White Queen airs in the UK on Sundays on BBC One and is coming to the US via Starz on August 10 (reportedly with some spicier sex scenes, excised from the BBC version, intact).


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