Back in the saddle again

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? The last post I made on here was in 2013, and the project started in 2011. Now, nine years later, I’m reflecting on this project, and giving it a bit of an update.

The original Anglofilmia project was ambitious, a combination of desire to document and desire to learn. I still think that is a healthy goal. But there were a few factors that went into the project stalling, which I’ll try to avoid this time around.

First, I was over-committed to watching everything on the list, and in strict order. In periods where there’s a glut of material (Robin Hood is a great example), or when there are long series involved, the time commitment is too great.

For 2020: I’ll space things out, trim options from the list, or sprinkle in other material.

Second, I planned to do a very detailed writeup post for every individual film. Further, the watching of films goes a lot faster than the writing of posts, which led to a large, intimidating backlog.

For 2020: Individual posts work in some cases. But in others, it makes more sense to do a post about all the works of a period and how they exist in dialogue with one another. I’ll experiment a bit with that, since the latter is both more complex and thus more of a time commitment. But I’ll relax a bit and do whatever’s the best choice for the material and topic, even if that means a short post before moving on.

In the interim, there have been a lot of films released for overlooked time periods, which is pretty exciting. For now, I’m working on updating the list with new material, and I’ve picked up the Plantagenet thread where I left off.



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