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The Viking Queen

The Viking Queen title

The Viking Queen is a delightfully terrible Hammer film produced in 1967, near the end of their filmmaking run. Although it’s loosely based on the (frankly pretty awesome) story of Boudica, the Iceni queen who gave the Romans what for when she raised an army and razed several cities, pretty much everything is wrong about it–Druids pray to Zeus, “vikings” are about 700 years too early, the Roman soldiers are (allegedly) wearing wristwatches, and there’s a white woman in body paint portraying a “Nubian girl slave”. Let’s just say that it’s clear nobody’s watching this film for historical accuracy; the whole exercise seems to exist as a loosely veiled excuse to display partially-obscured female breasts.

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Beaton, on Hadrian

Kate Beaton always has the funniest literary and historical comics, because she is great. Here’s her Hadrian:


5 Observations about Ben-Hur

After Alexander and Macedonia, our next Anglofilmia stop was Isreal, to visit Judah Ben-Hur, in our first entry for our Roman Britain section (43 AD to 410 AD: they came, they saw, they conquered). (Note: we’ve selected it to provide historical context to the events of the time, as it doesn’t actually take place in Britain.)

Unlike Alexander, this epic actually delivered in story, character and scale. Check out our five observations about the film, a re-edited, contemporary trailer and a recap, below.

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