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On learning the difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom

We’ve been watching a lot of Father Ted lately, and I was delighted to find that Craggy Island has its own Wikipedia page, which describes such “Places of note” as “The Field: While not actually a field, the area has fewer rocks in it than most other places on the island.”

The “real” Craggy Island, the one in the helicopter shots shown in the opening sequence, is Inisheer, the little one on the right.

The whole thing is tucked away in the Galway Bay:

That got me to thinking about the most outlying points of the British Isles, and sure enough, there’s a wikipedia page for that too. Did you know that the first person to visit each of the most outlying points of Scotland is also the only person to do so? He did that in 2007. He’s also the only person to sleep on all of them, a feat accomplished in 2009.

There’s also a list of the most extreme points of the United Kingdom. But when I was looking it over, I became confused. The points of the United Kingdom are listed…but so are points for Great Britain, and they’re different. And what are Crown dependencies?

Luckily Jey came to my rescue, sharing with me this video which was apparently making the rounds not too long ago. It explains in a very clear and concise manner the difference between Great Britain, the United Kingdom, the Crown and a whole mess of other titles of ownership I had no idea even existed. Enjoy!